Hotel Bonaire

In the beautiful Caribbean Island of Bonaire, there is one hotel you should really spend your vacation, that is Goood Resort, the best hotel on Bonaire!

As a pricewinning hotel in Bonaire we offer 5 very luxurious rooms with all conveniences you could wish for. Goood Resort is a hotel offering a very pleasant stay and which has one of the best views over the Bonaire coastline. With our personal touch we deliver the best experience you can find on the Caribbean island of Bonaire. Our uniquely designed resort has a large swimming pool with jacuzzi, full-airconditioned and fast and free WiFi on the entire resort.

Our rooms/suites

Our rooms/suites are large, well appointed with high quality fresh smelling linens, the most comfortable mattresses, quite airconditionings and private bathrooms.

Whether you are looking for the perfect romantic destination, unique experience, corporate retreat, or just a quiet spot in which to celebrate a special occasion, Goood Resort Hotel Bonaire offers luxury, privacy and uncompromising quality to ensure a truly unforgettable vacation, holiday or get away.

Hotel Bonaire